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Kala KA-6 Mahogany 6-String Tenor Ukulele

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Kala KA-6 Mahogany 6-String Tenor Ukulele.

You deserve a great playing Ukulele, and that is why every ukulele we sell comes with a comprehensive FREE Setup for Best Playability.

You will enjoy the easy playing feel of your new Ukulele Trading Co Ukulele.

All our ukuleles come with a 12 month guarantee from the manufacturer (Kala Brand Music / Ohana Ukulele)

All our ukuleles come with our '30 Day Love it or Return it' guarantee.

The Kala Mahogany Series Ukulele offer a full-bodied tone with plenty of "Sweet Highs" and  Mellow Lows"  that combine for a full rich sound.

A really 'grown up' tone that is truly unique, a common string arrangement in Hawaii that is finding favor worldwide with many players seeking something NEW.

The unique string arrangement of Single G and E strings and 2 Octave sets of C and A strings endows the KA-6 with a huge amount of 'Chime and Jangle"

The KA-6 features a Double set of A strings (Tuned an octave apart high A and low A). And a Double set of C strings Octave apart and a single course G and E strings.

Traditional white binding on the top and the back accent the high gloss finish, while chrome die-cast tuners assure your instrument will stay in tune.